4x5x365 – Day 47

Marcus in front of Glen Nickleberry's Funnybike at Tombo Racing

I met Marcus at Tommy Bolton’s Tombo Racing shop in Oklahoma City. He doesn’t ride all that much but is a fitness instructor and helps the racers stay on top of their nutrition and fitness programs. I was shooting portraits and he likes the camera, so volunteered to stand for a portrait in front of […]

4x5x365 – Day 42

Brass Ball Bobber motorcycle in shop while Dar Holdsworth and Bryan Nikkel work on motorcycle in the background.

After photographing a bike outdoors, I rolled a 69 Chopper made by Darwin Motorcycles/Brass Ball Bobbers into the assembly room at their shop. I was shooting digital for a magazine story and set up my lights to get an “environmental” shot showing the bike with Dar and Bryan working in the background. Once I was […]

4x5x365 – Day 41

Dar Holdsworth, owner of Darwin Motorcycles and Brass Ball Choppers, with a custom bike he built that is being shipped to Dubai.

I love photographing motorcycles and the enthusiasts who build and ride them. I think they make interesting character studies. This photo is of my friend and customer Dar Holdsworth, owner of Darwin Motorcycles, makers of the Brass Ball Bobbers line of motorcycles. Dar is a former Army vet who decided to build his own custom […]

4x5x365 – Day 40


Light leak. And horrible lighting for motorcycle photography. That is what this image says to me. I shot this at the Tombo Racing shop in Oklahoma City along with several other photos from that day. This is Kermit Lottie’s Pro Mod drag racing motorcycle painted up into an OKC Thunder scheme. But as you can […]

4x5x365 – Day 39

Jimmy Cook cutting metal with a torch at Tombo Racing shop.

Jimmy Cook is an apprentice at Tombo Racing, helping Tommy Bolton build world class drag racing motorcycles. Jimmy started working for Tommy about 2 years ago and now helps out as crew chief on several of the race bikes. I was in the shop while Jimmy was using a cutting torch on a piece of […]

4x5x365 – Day 38

Glen Nickleberry's 218 mph Funnybike  drag racing motorcycle built by Tombo Racing.

Yesterday we saw Adrian Lottie with his Pro Comp drag racing motorcycle. Today I have a picture of Glen Nickleberry’s Funnybike drag racing motorcycle. This bike has run in the 6.7 range at 218 mph in the quarter mile at the drag strip and has won numerous drag racing championships. I have photographed Nick several […]

4x5x365 – Day 37

Kermit Lottie portrait with his Pro Comp drag racing motorcycle.

Adrian Lottie likes to ride motorcycles. FAST motorcycles. As in 6.9 seconds, 200+mph in the quarter mile fast motorcycles. This is a portrait of Adrian with his “Predator” Pro Comp drag racing motorcycle built by Tombo Racing. This bike as a 10″ rear slick, a wheelie bar, and is wicked fast. I see Kermit at […]

4x5x365 – Day 36

An authentic portrait of Bryan Nikkel on a hand built motorcycle he built while working at Brass Ball Bobbers motorcycle company.

Feast your eyes on one of my favorite photos so far from my 4x5x365 series. I went down to Brass Ball Bobbers in Oklahoma City and took this shot of master motorcycle builder Bryan Nikkal on a motorcycle he recently completed building. He and owner Dar Holdsworth design and build the most beautiful, well built […]

4x5x365 – Day 5

Again more of a test of my film handling and processing procedures. My son's Yamaha WR-450 on our back porch.

This is really simple. I had moved my son’s Yamaha WR-450 dirt bike onto the back porch so I could clear out the garage. I was still trying to do testing and figure out where my film ghosting problems were coming from. So I just grabbed my Toyo 45A camera with my Rodenstock 150 mm […]

4x5x365 – Day 4


Four days in and I already made a change. You see, shooting large format is hard. Really hard. There are SO many steps involved from loading film, prepping camera, checking exposure, on and on. I figured out it is really difficult with a busy work schedule to shoot once piece of 4×5 film every day. […]